At Sprout we celebrate the beauty of nature and the magical force that transforms small seeds into giant trees.

Sprout is a porcelain accessory that lets you easily grow small trees and plants in your favourite glass or vase. It sits on top of the glass opening, and lets the seeds or cuttings hover just above the water level, so they can grow roots without rotting. The white surface acts as a picture frame to shine the spotlight on your growing seedlings.

Sprout is handmade in the Netherlands with respect for the environment and for people. It’s made of unglazed fine bone china with a beautiful velvet texture.

Small Sprout for acorns, chestnuts and other small tree seeds, small flower bulbs and plant cuttings, and for smaller succulents and cacti.

How to sprout ?

You can use Sprout with a variety of different seeds, nuts, bulbs and plants.

Larger tree seeds like acorns, chestnuts, and conkers work well. Smaller bulbs such as crocus, snowdrop or muscari are also very easy to grow. To sprout them indoors all year round, you will need to trick them into thinking now is the perfect time to germinate. Follow the “cold treatment method” below.

Stone fruits like peaches and apricots and raw nuts like peanuts, cashews and pistachios or citrus fruit pits like lemon and oranges, once sprouted, will also fare well with Sprout. Follow the “baggie method”.

Feel free to experiment with fast growing seeds like beans and legumes, or even potatoes, lemongrass and ginger! You can also use it to root small plant cuttings, a favourite that’s sure to succeed is the spider plant, but succulents and cacti are good candidates.


The baggie method:

Not all seeds are guaranteed to sprout, so for best success we recommend sprouting a few at once. This is our favourite method, also called “the baggie method”.

You’ll need:

– your seeds/nuts/pit

– a small sealable plastic bag (like a ziploc bag)

– a paper towel

Place your seeds in the middle of the paper towel, fold in quarters so that your seeds are neatly tucked inside, then place inside your plastic bag. Wet the paper towel with a little bit of water, just enough to moisten it, but not so much that you’ll have water pooling inside the bag. Close your bag up, and place in a warm spot. You might want to write the date on the bag to keep track of it’s progress. When you see the first little roots coming out your seeds, it’s time to place it in Sprout with the roots in the water and watch it develop leaves.